Why Mega Zone

why megazone

Have you noticed our baby colorful crow?!!! Some might think that crow is a symbol of bad luck; but, our spiritual baby crow wants to show you the magic and mysteries that exist in your life; to do so, he wants to give you the opportunity to transform and connect with the magical world we prepared for you.

With this in mind, we have specially designed the Megazone Amusement Park with different games and activities, so that both adults and children can enjoy various adventures when they enter our magical place!!!

To learn more about Megazone, let’s have a closer look at the areas. Our trampoline area with different games is prepared to serve adults; children can enjoy the same excitement at Bunny Jumpers with greater security and safety. Both children and adults can have a soccer tournament in our Kickers area, and experience the thrill and excitement of Rock club. Magic Kiddo is designed specifically for children with a lot of fun and entertainments to amuse them for hours. Let’s not forget the magic of VR.

Besides, we have tried to address the needs of different communities in terms of recreation and entertainment, and respond to them by providing different packages and activities such as school packages, monthly packages, and so on.

You are all most welcomed to join us at Megazone!